Food is medicine

Hello smiling friends,

I am excited for this amazing online food summit starting tomorrow.

What's an online summit?  It's a virtual conference or discussion by the researchers and pioneers in a particular field of study.  It's on the internet and easily accessible to anyone like us so we can learn.  And it's FREE! The experts are brought together to this summit, interviewed and then recorded so that anyone who is interested can listen and watch the interview.

There's no catch, no obligation at all - (sometimes your email address may be added to the experts guest list - but you always have the option to "unsubscribe").  I have joined about a dozen summits in the past year or so. I never listen to all the interviews. I just pick and choose the interview and/or expert that intrigues me the most.  Usually the videos are available for a day or two and then expire.  I just make sure I take detailed notes.  A new batch of 3-4 videos are accessible for free and then they expire - so on and so on until the Summit is over (usually they last about a week). If you really like them and you want to buy the recordings then you can listen at your convenience anytime forever. 

2000 years ago, Hippocrates famously said,

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food."  

Let's learn together what he meant by that. It's a little more complicated today but we have the advantage of all these amazing experts' wisdom right at our fingertips.

I am excited to share this Food Summit with you because it's got many of the experts that I read and follow on a consistent basis.  If you decide to join in and listen, I would love to hear from you!  Who did you listen to?  What did you learn?  Did you like it?

Let food be thy medicine!

Mandy Bush

Life Energy Coach using yoga, breath, meditation and sacred geometry. Always a student of iife - love our planet Earth, trees, the Great Lakes, laughing children, and playing outside.