You are enough!

You are enough. Do you believe it? You should!  You are enough.  I am enough, too.  It can be tough to believe because our usual inner dialogue may sound something like: “I am not smart enough, rich enough, skinny enough, strong enough, funny enough, serious enough” or "I don’t have enough time, enough money, enough friends, enough fun, enough work, enough free-time.” I get tired thinking about what my inner dialogue thinks about!

I like affirmations because our brain is wired to think critically (such as the thoughts described above).  Dr. Rick Hanson says that our brain is like velcro to the bad and like teflon to the good. See his Taking in the Good, program here  Apparently, it was a matter of survival for our cavemen ancestors say the neuroscientists.  But we don’t need so much negative self talk anymore.  What we focus on expands.  Re-read the negative statement in italics above.  Did you feel your heart rate go up, a knot in your stomach or start to feel bad?  I did.  That’s because if we naturally focus on the negative, critical thoughts - the bad experiences and bad judgments will expand - in our bodies and in our environment.  The good news is we can change it.  So let’s change it!  We have that option.  

It’s this easy: just think and feel affirmations (positive and in the present tense) then we will re-wire our habitual thinking and we will experience life in a better and freer way. Go get a piece of paper or your journal write it down right now.  I am enough, I have enough time, imagine yourself this way and feel it! Dr. Hanson says this is key to re-wiring the brain!

Mantra: I am enough!

I love this poem by Tosha Silver:

For those who so oddly thought they weren’t enough

  • Please change me
  • Divine Beloved
  • into One who can feel
  • wildly open to receiving
  • Let me know my own
  • value, beauty
  • and worthiness
  • without question
  • And let me allow others 
  • the supreme pleasure
  • of giving to me.
  • O let me know how to receive
  • in every possible way!
  • Pelt me with miracles
  • like rain soaking a
  • cracked desert floor.
  • Caress my soul
  • with Your grace.
  • Steep me in Your Love
  • like peaches in wine.
  • melt my heart
  • Melt my heart
  • Melt my heart
  • and
  • Change me into One
  • who can forgive
  • completely
  • so I may carry Your Light
  • with full abandon.
  • Let me accept myself in every
  • possible way 
  • for I am utterly
  • and
  • shamelessly
  • Your- Very-  Own.

Mandy Bush

Life Energy Coach using yoga, breath, meditation and sacred geometry. Always a student of iife - love our planet Earth, trees, the Great Lakes, laughing children, and playing outside.