Meditation for comfort, peace, healing

Dear brothers and sisters,

It's been a tough month in my community. The feeling of sadness is all around us. We have brothers and sisters who have suffered great tragedy and we all feel the pain.

Even though this isn't new to our human experience it has been a sobering reminder to me of how connected we really are. How much we need one another. We shouldn't feel helpless when others are suffering. There are simple yet powerful things we can do that make a difference.

A little more than seventeen years ago I wasn't even sure I would be able to take another breath let alone get out of bed. My husband and I could barely go through the motions of daily life.

However, every loving intention whether it a meal, a phone call, a prayer, a thought, a hug or a card, sistered us until we could function again. We are a web of caring, loving, supportive beings. We need each other.

Since that time I have found meditation to be another source of strength, comfort and healing. I recorded this meditation which has comforted me recently. I am guided to share it with you hoping that it may comfort and support you too.

Peace, health and joy to you!
Om Shanti Om!